David Bossie

Deputy Executive Director of Trump Transition Team

Said of being LGBTQ: “I fundamentally disagree with that lifestyle. I believe it Is fundamentally wrong.”

Insisted polls showing support for marriage equality are meaningless since “morality should not be swayed by public opinion polls,” adding that “The United States Supreme Court does not speak for God.”

Said of President Obama’s support for marriage equality: “Add it to the list of atrocities.”

Called the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” a potential “day of infamy for our military.”

Wrote a book insinuating that President Clinton’s agenda, including support for the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” ultimately created 9/11.

Filed an amicus brief supporting the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act: “Marriage has been defined between one man and one woman for over a millennium, and it is our view that the courts should not get involved at this point in time and fundamentally change the institution of marriage.”

Gave an award to Phil Robertson after (and solely because) the Duck Dynasty star made extremely anti-gay comments.

The GLAAD Accountability Project catalogs anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and discriminatory actions of politicians, commentators, organization heads, religious leaders, and legal figures, who have used their platforms, influence and power to spread misinformation and harm LGBTQ people.