David Benham

Former Host of "Flip It Forward"
Cofounder of Coalition of Conscience

—Former star of HGTV’s cancelled reality series Flip It Forward.

—Cofounder and board member of Coalition of Conscience, an anti-LGBT organization headed up by anti-LGBT activist Michael Brown.

Believes “God is speaking through the wind” and sending hurricanes because of our views on sexuality, gender, and marriage.

—Believes marriage equality is “a mask for Satan.”

—Bemoaned “homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation.”

—Claims the Benham brothers’ battle against LGBTQ rights is a battle against a “parallel kingdom run by Satan” that “seeks to rob, kill and destroy.”

—Insists LGBTQ activists have an “agenda” that “seeks to capture the nation” and that it is “evil, and wrong, and needs to be dealt with.”

—Suggests his fight against the LGBTQ “agenda” is a battle against Satan; “it’s God versus the devil.”

—Says Christians must be “willing to die” in the fight against marriage equality and other LGBTQ rights.

—Referred to America as having “spiritual AIDS,” citing President Obama’s support for LGBTQ rights as key evidence.

—Equated fighting marriage equality with fighting Nazis: “If evil is being accepted and appreciated at the national level, aggressive Christian men must lead the charge against it. In the late 1940s England realized this truth with Neville Chamberlain’s Policy of Appeasement and the Nazi regime. Chamberlain thought he could somehow ‘appease’ the fuehrer, yet Winston Churchill aggressively stood against this policy and proclaimed that they must kill Hitler and destroy the regime in its entirety. It wasn’t long before Chamberlain’s “politically correct” policy fell flat on its face, and Churchill—the more aggressive man—took the reins and joined America in defeating the beast called, Naziism.”

—Equating the openly gay NFL player’s sexuality with heterosexual adultery, advised Michael Sam that “His sexual expressions and the propagation of them are not healthy for him as a young man.”.” 

—At City Council meeting in protest of a local Pride parade, David and his twin brother referred to homosexuality as “destructive” and a “tragedy;” asserted that Jesus “refuses to leave [homosexuals] that way”; and Jason concluded by telling the council to “deny them every permit they ask for.”

Says: “If you want to end [abortion and the homosexual agenda], elect Muslims. Sharia law will surely take care of both of those issues. But we are not here to simply destroy those issues—we are here to bring another kingdom whose king is Jesus Christ. And conversions are what truly change the land.”

—Says marriage equality “erodes the moral fabric of our society” and “threaten[s] future generations,” which he coupled with the claim that “death is the punishment for homosexual sin.”

Says: “The homosexual agenda is next, tolerance towards radical Islam is next, we’re going to start taking these Goliaths down, we’re not afraid anymore...’Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the principalities, rulers and authorities of darkness.’ We love these people and so we are not going to allow the demonic forces and agendas behind them to destroy life.”

—Joined colleagues (his father, Coalition of Conscience fellow Michael Brown, etc.) at a local school board meeting where he spoke in opposition to an anti-bullying policy that included sexual orientation and gender-identity protections.

—Has referred to Muslims as “the enemy attacking” America.

Protested Charlotte, NC, LGBTQ pride parade; provided custom water bottles for “God Has A Better Way” protestors to pass out at pride parades.

The GLAAD Accountability Project catalogs anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and discriminatory actions of politicians, commentators, organization heads, religious leaders, and legal figures, who have used their platforms, influence and power to spread misinformation and harm LGBTQ people.