Candace Owens


Baselessly claimed in a transphobic tweet, that there were photos of suspected shooted in the Uuvalde school shooting "cross-dressing" and that it was sign they were "mentally disturbed." There is no proof that the suspected killer of 21 people including 19 students inside Robb Elementary School, is transgender. 

Candace Owens tweet

Targeted Rep. Marie Newman, the mother of a transgender child, with a false tweet insisting that science supports just two genders. The science shows there are far more than two genders and more than two sexes. Owens falsely claimed that supporting transgender people from discrimination is an attempt at “erasing” womanhood. Trans women are women. Owens' Twitter feed is an ongoing stream of false claims and hostile rhetoric toward trans people and supporters who believe trans people exist and need protecting. At least 44 trans people were murdered in 2020.

—When uninvited from a podcast appearance for making Jameela Jamil’s staff feel unsafe due to her transphobic comments, tweeted: “SAD TO ANNOUNCE that @jameelajamil has revoked my invitation to her podcast bc I tweeted “only women can give birth”. Apparently the statement made her trans co-workers feel “unsafe”. My refusal to untether myself from biological realities has cost me, yet again. SAD!” [sic]

—After Mario Lopez apologized for transphobic remarks he made on Owens’ show (he said it’s “dangerous as a parent to make [a] determination” about young transgender children), Owens said he was bullied into an apology by “sick” “leftists.” Owens initially promoted his comments by saying that parents affirming their child’s gender identity was a “scary trend coming out of Hollywood right now.” Research shows that affirming trans youth's names and pronouns lowers suicidal ideation and behavior.

—When singer Harry Styles appeared on a Vogue cover in a dress, tweeted: “There is no society that can survive without strong men. The East knows this. In the west, the steady feminization of our men at the same time that Marxism is being taught to our children is not a coincidence. It is an outright attack. Bring back manly men.”

Said the movement for transgender equality is “Satanic.”

Claimed that the trans equality movement “is one of the most dangerous” and “evil” things.

Said “I cannot think of anybody’s emotional capabilities that are more unstable than somebody that is transitioning from a male to a female.”

Tweeted that trans women competing in sports and Miss Universe pageants is a “complete and utter mockery of modern feminism” while misgendering them as “men.”

Mocked Transgender Day of Remembrance with a tweet asking if there is a “black on black crime Remembrance Day.”

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