Bradlee Dean

Founder, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International Youth Ministry

Issued this message to Pete Buttigieg and “the homosexual lobby”: “Sodomy is an abominable choice (Deuteronomy 30:19; Romans 6:15-18, 12:2; James 1:12-15), and it is a choice that has damnable consequences unless you repent.”

Wrote that U.S. Senator Krysten Sinema, who is openly bisexual and claims no religion, is an “idolater” and “has no business whatsoever serving in the U.S. government in any capacity.”

—Radio host and WorldNetDaily contributor

—Claims, without basis, that Supreme Court Justices Elena Kagan and Anthony Kennedy are both gay.

—Says discrimination is gay people’s own doing: “Homosexuals say they are being discriminated against. By whom? They are subverted and condemned by their own hand. Why? Because they’ve set themselves against the right-Giver. The law does not discriminate against homosexuality; it only condemns it.”

Dean’s view of history: “ The question I wanted to know is: “What did our forefathers have to say about it?” And I’m beginning to tell ya, I mean, for example, I went back to Thomas Jefferson. He was writing a bill to penalize sodomy by castration. George Washington would basically send forth the pipers and the drummers and he would drum them out shamefully, never to come back again. And then I began to read off state statutes, and they absolutely did not tolerate crimes against nature whatsoever. Again, all the way up until 1961, you’d go to prison for 20–21 years if you were caught in the act of sodomy. In Rhode Island, it was considered a mental illness, and folks, it is.”

—Calls homosexuality an “abomination” and links it to crimes against children: “If America would study history, then and only then would she understand why God said sodomy is an abomination... If we would simply take heed to God’s Word and listen to what He commands, we would not have to read in the newspapers about the horrific crimes committed against our children, only to find out that God was right all along.”

—Asserts contrary to fact that, “Sodomy is illegal in this country.”

Says: “The American people have been under assault by less than 1.7% of the population known as the homosexual radical community over the last five years.”

*Note: Bradlee Dean has attempted to remove many of the clips including the above statements. His actions do not change the record.


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