Request a Media Training for Your Organization

If you are an individual who would like to share your story, we encourage you to use the Submit Your Story form. Many individuals who have an interest in telling their stories will either receive individual media training or be connected with a partner organization.

If you are a representative of an LGBT organization and you would like to request a media training for your organization, fill out the form below.

GLAAD provides a limited number of media trainings to organizations working specifically to improve the lives of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. Whether your organization advcates for LGBT people in the workplace or is trying to make sure that all loving couples can get married, making sure issues are properly framed in the media is crucial. GLAAD media trainings are designed to provide LGBT organizations with the tools necessary to meet their communications goals through effective media work.

GLAAD media trainings can help an organization:

  • Learn best practices for creating media opportunities to expand your base and amplify your message to your target audience
  • Create a communications plans to move public opinion about LGBT equality
  • Develop skills to build relationships with media professionals 
  • Learn simple, consistent ways to develop talking points you can shape for different media outlets
  • Get comfortable with print, television and radio interviews

For other ways to contact GLAAD, see Contact GLAAD. To join our email list, go to Connect with GLAAD. If you are a media outlet or reporter, go to Press Resources.

Other ways you can contact GLAAD:

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