Netflix, in collaboration with GLAAD, brings you stories about the power of authentic transgender media representations from Jamie Clayton, Jazz Jennings, Elliot Fletcher, Laura Jane Grace, Tiq Milan, Meredith Talusan, and GLAAD’s own Nick Adams. While the videos were being filmed, trans painter Rae Senarighi painted a portrait of each person. Watch the playlist of all 8 videos below!

As a trans person, when was the first time you saw yourself represented in media? Really saw yourself?

Netflix and GLAAD know that authentic media stories and characters are pivotal in creating acceptance. This is especially true for trans people, who have either been invisible in mainstream media or portrayed using inaccurate and offensive stereotypes. And that’s why when you finally see a trans character that resonates with you as real and authentic - where you can see a part of yourself in the story - it is so powerful. 

We would love to hear from you about that moment when you connected with a trans character or story you saw on-screen. Share your own story of the first time you truly saw yourself represented using #FirstTimeISawMe on Twitter or Instagram.

And check out Netflix’s inaugural #FirstTimeISawMe campaign from last year with Black talent and influencers talking about their experiences with media representation. They've since continued this effort with the launch of their Strong Black Lead vertical which you can follow on Facebook and Twitter.