Fireside Fire Drill Pride & Uprisings with Indya Moore & Billie Lee

Join us Friday, June 19th, at 11am PT / 2pm ET for a special Pride and Uprisings edition of a Fireside Fire Drill with Jane Fonda, Indya Moore, and Billie Lee. In this moment of revolution, we honor Juneteenth and act in solidarity with the movement for Black Lives, which is a fight for justice for all oppressed people, and for our very humanity. Join our guests for a deep discussion on the intersectionality of social justice movements, the roots of Pride, police brutality, and how our collective fights for justice can and must strengthen one another — and what action can be taken to support and uplift these communities. As the protests against police violence continue through Pride month, Fire Drill Fridays honors the courage, the struggle, and the triumph of justice over oppression. #National #Free #Communities of Color #Transgender