It's Time for #InclusiveScreens!

ADD YOUR NAME: I support the inclusion of non-steretoypical LGBTQ characters on Spanish-language television!

Image for #inclusivescreens created by Pamela Chavez

Only 3% of characters in Spanish-language primetime scripted television are LGBTQ, and we deserve more. We are LGBTQ, Afro-Latinx, indigenous Latinx, Latinx people with disabilities, Central American, Caribbean, Mexican and South American or some combination of these identities. When we watch programs with our families and friends, we do not see ourselves reflected on screen, and this causes real world hardships.

We need the help of content creators in Spanish-language media to increase inclusive representation that defies stereotypes, including a lead character who is LGBTQ. We are watching, and we deserve better. #inclusivescreens #pantallainclusiva

Add your name below to call for the addition of non-stereotypical, inclusive characters on Spanish-language television.



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