-- President of the Minnesota Family Council

-- Lobbyist for Minnesota For Marriage



-- Claims LGBTQ youth are more likely to try suicide because they "live in conflict with how we are made": "I would agree that youth who embrace homosexuality are at greater risk, because they've embraced an unhealthy sexual identity and lifestyle. These alternative sexual identifications or lifestyles deny the reality that we are created male and female. To live or try to live in conflict with how we are made will invariably cause problems, e.g. emotional, psychological and social. Notwithstanding gay activist assertions to the contrary, people aren't gay, lesbian, transgender, etc. by God's design or nature. We are male and female with sexual expression designed for a lifelong union between a man and a woman. Denying or fighting against this reality is the reason alternative forms of sexual expression, whether homosexual or heterosexual, will put people at greater risk. To assert otherwise is to deny reality and involves "kicking against the goad" to use a biblical analogy.

-- Likens marriage equality to mortgage crisis: "I think the better analogy would be the mortgage crisis we're facing, where we put in place sub-prime loans thinking it was going to be a great boon to the economy. Well, there was a big bust and the government's been paying the consequences. Well, I think the same thing with marriage. Basically we've got a crisis now with divorce, but now we're going to be adding into it counterfeit marriages, same-sex marriages, and the problem with that is, it dilutes the currency and the value of marriage, such that, I think, you're going to have more family breakdown and problems resulting from that." 

-- Says same-sex marriage is "big government" that is "subsidizing alternative lifetyles."

-- Equates current marriage debate with slavery, saying President Lincoln's "principled approach to persuasion in the great moral issue of his day, slavery, points to the need to approach homosexual marriage with a principle-based response." 

-- Compares homosexuality to smoking to justify belief that gays can and should "change": "It’s analogous to smoking. Are there smokers who live long, happy lives? Certainly. But on average smoking is bad for your health and we shouldn’t suggest it isn’t. The same is true with homosexuality. On average it’s not a happy lifestyle. To suggest otherwise is not helpful to individual person or broader society. That’s why the ["ex-gay"] message of Janet Boynes is so important to hear and why some strongly oppose it."  Adds: "Rather than promoting acceptance of homosexual behavior in schools or grant it social status and privilege via homosexual marriage, civil union or domestic partnerships, we should be discouraging the activity."

-- Says Secretary Clinton's push for LGBTQ acceptance worldwide "undermine(s) rather than elevate(s) America's moral leadership in the world."

-- Equates LGB people's sexual orientations with pedophilia, infidelity, and pornography: "Married men are tempted to lust after other women. Should they act on those desires? How about pornography use? Or what about individuals sexually attracted to minors, whether male or female? Should they act on those desires? Certainly not. Do they have a choice? I would argue, ultimately yes. Yet that's where the pro-homosexual argument breaks down. They suggest there is no choice. A person must act on those desires."

-- Pushes an "ex-gay" researcher's claim that " homosexual behavior is more dangerous than alcoholism" and claims that "treatment usually results in a 50% success rate."  Adds that "true concern for homosexuals involves confronting - not endorsing homosexual behavior. While this might not be popular, it’s the right and loving thing to do."

-- Said marriage equality in his state constituted a "hostile takeover"