-- Fifteen-year head of the Christian Civic League of Maine; resigned in 2009

-- Current head of the No Special Rights PAC



-- Is trying to criminalize homosexuality: “There is conduct that ought to be punished,"..."And Christianity teaches, has always taught and still does teach, that sodomy is such a behavior."

-- Compares LGBTQ advocates to "the devil" and says they are not to be respected: "The truth about the vote this November is that it isn't a battle between nice people who happen to disagree. It is not important that we respect the devil. It is important that we condemn him, and those who wish to use the sexual instinct in humanity for their own ends. Politicians are using this issue to get re-elected. I'm sick of it. The "pro family" movement is using it to raise millions of dollars. I'm sick of that also. I don't want to raise any money. I never did. I want to end the debate. I want to bury this evil, and never have to talk about it again." 

-- Says: "Homosexual marriage is after all, the final swing of the scythe which cuts an already blighted society to the ground."

-- Says: "The so-called 'gay' movement is rooted in sorcery and it is a child of the devil, and an enemy of everything that is right"

-- Said of the Maine legislature's '09 vote to approve marriage equality: "In May, our elected officials overturned a law of nature, and in its place paid honor to evil and unnatural practices."

-- Suggests that equality supporters should be "cast into the sea": "Dale McCormick is a child of the devil. Betsy Sweet is an enemy of everything that is right. John Baldacci, Angus King, Olympia Snowe, Mike Michaud, Chellie Pingree and Susan Collins all support the homosexual agenda. They support an agenda that is publicly and boldly devoted to training your child through their "public" schools in the ways of both fornication and transgendering. Jesus went further than Paul in speaking out for children. He said that children of the devil who violate the innocence of our little ones should be cast into the sea with a millstone hung about their neck"

-- On gay acceptance: "Societal approval of homosexuality is an extreme form of wickedness that does great harm to everyone, especially vulnerable children."

-- Equality linked to crime: "[S]ame sex marriage and the homosexual rights movement go hand-in-hand with urban decay. Chaos in the moral order is reflected in the social order, hence the prevalence of crime and graffiti in Portland, and the tolerance of perversion. All are signs of moral decay"..."A society which accepts garbage as art will have no problem accepting perversion as marriage." 

-- Gays are "the enmy" and "pure evil": "The truth is that there is NOTHING complicated about either abortion or sodomy. They are both pure evil. We can stop talking about them today. All it will take is for the truth to win the political day. And all that is required for that to happen here in Maine is for Christians to demand that their pastors and priests lead them out of their stained glass fortresses into battle. The enemy will run faster than those Union boys at Chancellorsville with ole Stonewall Jackson at their heels."

-- Direct: "Homosexuality is a sickness." 

-- More: "Sodomy, and those who practice it, choose to live in the darkness. First they convince themselves that evil is good, and then they must convince everyone else."

-- His PAC distributes pamphlets against marriage equality asking supporters to "Pray that God will deliver our State and Country from this attack by demonic force..."

-- Says marriage equality will lead to violence; says he got concealed gun in anticipation: "If Maine doesn't end this decades long conflict over the evil of sodomy with an overwhelming NO vote in November we can expect to see this sort of violence in Maine in the near future. Homosexuality can lead to the most horrific and violent consequences in individuals and society."