-- President of the Frederick Douglass Society 

-- Advocate against marriage equality in the state of Michigan



-- Says homosexuality is "bondage" and "leads to death and detruction"

-- Claims "The Homosexual Agenda is, by nature, anti Black and genocidal."

-- Claims coming out means "hatred of God": "So what does it mean when homosexuals and lesbians “come out”? It means that person is now without moral restraint and are unashamed of mocking God in the eyes of the very world God created. It means that person has been completely given over to a reprobate mind and has no hope aside from the blood of Jesus Christ. It means that this person no longer has any knowledge of God and is “filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, and evil-mindedness. Finally, homosexuals and lesbians “coming out” means that they have decided to declare to the world their hatred of God."

-- Says of homosexuality: "God is not mocked and will indeed bring to destruction all who have declared war against His mighty hand and against His people."

-- Asserts: "It seems homosexuals believe suicide is a civil right."

-- An advocate for "changing" gays: There is Hope for Homosexuals-God's Forgives and Cleanses Persons of This Sin Too...The Lord convicted my spirit today of self righteousness and pride, in how I have handled my indignation towards the homosexual and lesbian agenda. I have a responsibility to condemn the agenda. However, as Christians, we must always remember that God also offers a way of salvation to homosexuals. Not only condemnation. They have to choose which they want but we have to make certain we inform them of something vitally important: There is hope for them: God can forgive and cleanse them of their sins."

-- Claims LGBTQ activists are the "bigoted" ones for challenging religous condemnation

-- Claims (at :56) that separation of church and state is a lie

-- Claims (beginning at :30) that gun control has racist orgins and that southern Democrats "wanted to disarm black people to keep us from defending ourselves against the klansmen, who were murdering white and black Republicans, to control the ballot box"

-- Contends: "Being An Abstinent Christian Is More Commendable Than 'Coming Out' As Homosexual or Lesbian" 

-- Says "a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage is necessary for both the social and economic stability of our Republic"

-- Demands Christian parents remove their children from the Boy Scouts now that it no longer bars gay youth: "For the Boy Scouts to allow “openly homosexual” (which obviously means practicing homosexuality as a lifestyle) boys into the Scouts, they have violated their own Oath and have signaled to the Nation that they no longer embrace duty to God. Thus, they have also signaled that they no longer embrace Duty to America, as this nation was founded upon Judeo-Christian values."