Commentator and Rush Limbaugh Show fill-in host 

-- Suggested San Francisco was dealing with a COVID-19 shutdown because it's "a big gay town."

-- Refers to transgender activists as "Big Tranny": "So, when Big Tranny came for [the Boy Scouts], they caved instantly, and admitted transgender cubs..."

-- Called a Canadian non-discrimination law protecting trans people an "Orwellian assault on the most fundamental language, the language which defines the two sexes.”

-- Questioned whether Pete Buttigieg is actually gay since he has "a very non-gay look."

-- Writes of LGBTQ rights: "Having done an impressive job of demolishing the basic societal building block of the family, the left has now advanced to demolishing the basic biological building block of the sexes."

-- A critic of transgender youth in sports, insisting that trans competitors "wreck a statewide sport for all the other participants."

-- Suggests transgender activism is "biological man's" attempt to replace women: "But where else can a biological man's natural genetic strength find an outlet in today's world? All the physical jobs are being lost to automation, and all the non-physical ones - from hotshot lawyering to the paper-shuffling cubicle jobs in health-care administration - are better done by women. When it comes to being the breadwinner and the provider, women are better at being men. When it comes to the fashion catwalk and the beauty pageant and the female athletics track, men are better at being women. Sooner than you think, the swap will be complete."

-- At other times, he suggests trans inclusion is the end of men: "I note there are some three times as many male-to-female transgenders as there are female-to-male. So all that "gender fluidity" is a vast net transfer from the male brutalizer sector to the female victim sector. At some point it would seem likely to become a flood. After all, it's not so difficult to imagine, a fake gang-rape story or three down the line, elite universities requiring gender reassignment as a condition of continued male admission. In some sense, the swollen ranks of the transgendered seem to have intuited that the jig is up for guys. Might as well check out of the guy business entirely. I'm thinking of pitching Marvel Comics a new superhero group featuring a transwoman, an ambigender, a pangender, an intergender, a bigender and a 2-spirited called Ex-Men. 

-- Demeaned presidential candidate and US Senator Elizabeth Warren for saying she would include the voices of transgender youth: "[Voters] wanted actual, serious policy, and they are not interested in letting the 9-year-old transgender fly the plane. They understand all that rubbish for the gesture politics that it is."

-- Wrote a column for the conservative National Review that included two homophobic jokes, forcing National Review's own editor to condemn the "derogatory language" that Steyn chose to include.