-- Has routinely insisted trans women are men.

-- Wrote that affirming transgender children is mutilation, child abuse, and a crime.

-- Tweeted of transgender acceptance: "We will regret the day we de-gendered marriage and opened the floodgates to gender fluid theory experiments on children. Governments will be up for compensation for children who grow up only to have transgender regret. The side effects of hormones & puberty blockers is unknown."

-- Advocated for parents sending their LGBTQ children to anti-scientific, so-called "conversion therapy."

-- Has regularly attacked same-sex parents and their children: "Adults do not have the right to deliberately deny children their mother or father. Surrogacy & sperm donation are unethical. What a tangled web we are weaving and it is the children and women who will ultimately suffer."

-- Has on several occasions suggested that LGBTQ people "steal" their children: "We did take Indigenous children and babies from their mothers and give them to loving families but the error we apologised for was for taking them from their biological mother and father...Through assisted reproductive technology, we are taking the child from their biological father or their mother and giving them to someone else.”

-- Has insisted that drag shows are "pornography"