-- Leader with the African American Clery Coalition



-- Equates homosexuality with alcoholism, drug abuse, and self abuse

-- Calls marriage equality "a nightmare world;" claims it disgusts older African Americans

-- Says marriage equality is a "brave new world" battle that is "about pushing out the word of God, pushing out the bible"

-- Says civil marriage equality constitutes "civil rights centered around redefining the bible" (2:10–2:34)

-- Says, without basis, that homosexuality is a "choice" that children choose

-- Admits his fears about marriage are really about "being exposed to the acceptance of a lifestyle that we believe is against the bible"

-- Says of civil marriage equality: "same-sex marriage cannot be tolerated and that's based upon our faith"

-- Vowed that he and his allies would bar from their churches any lawmaker who voted against them on marriage: "We will not allow you to speak in our churches. You will not be invited to our churches when you're running for office. Because we as a community are incensed that you would allow for the dollars that are being spent from special interest groups"