-- Head of the Family Policy Insitute of Washington

-- Preserve Marriage Washington Chairman



-- Instructed cisgender men to follow women into public bathrooms and persuade them to sign an anti-trans petition: “For the gentlemen, what I would encourage you to do, if you are so bold and to make the point, take your petition and stand outside the women's restroom at the mall. If any of the women don't want to sign it, just go ahead and follow them in [laughter from crowd].  Maybe this will be a better time to sign our little petition, and we can make the point that way."

-- Claims: “Same-sex marriage is temporary”...“It cannot endure because it’s not true. Now, same-sex marriage might survive America, but it won’t survive.”

-- Called the SCOTUS marriage ruling “a blow to the republic”

-- Postions gay relations as in conflict with "natural and moral laws": "The idea that all sex is good sex, so long as it involves adults, will not survive because it cannot survive. The natural and moral laws of the universe are not subject to court ruling or UN resolution. While many within the tolerance movement will go to the grave convinced of the justness of their cause, history will inevitably see it differently.   We judge ourselves through the filter of our intentions, but history judges our actions." 

-- Likens marriage equality to "walking on our hands and eating with our feet"

-- Says same-sex marriage is wrong "in the eternal sense" and equates it with bloodletting: "Redefining marriage in this way, saying that there is no difference between men and women, that it’s not important for children to have both a mother and a father, that’s not just bad policy, it’s wrong in the eternal sense. So because it’s untrue, it will ultimately be proven as untrue and we will come around to recognize the error of our ways. We used to believe in bloodletting as good medical practice, culture has embraced a lot of things temporarily until they realized it’s based on things that are not true. This is one of those, it has to be temporary, not just because I want it to be temporary, but because it’s untrue in the eternal sense. "

-- Compares marriage equality with the redefinition of gravity: "Imagine a scenario in which we decided that gravity needed to be done away with because it discriminates against wingless creatures.  Having convinced all of our friends that we needed to get rid of it, we created a legislative body that passed a “flight equality” bill and declared that gravity no long applies to us.  In celebration of our legislative victory, with a sincere belief that we had freed ourselves from the law of gravity, we walked onto the roof of the Space Needle, in a cape, to celebrate our independence from gravity. Just like we would if we saw you standing on the edge of the Space Needle in the cape, those of us on this side of the debate are simply trying to avoid the inevitable pain associated by proving the existence of a law by trying to break it.  True, the consequences of breaking these laws will not be as immediate as pretending there is no gravity, but they are no less certain."

-- Says gays dont really want equal marriage but are instead "are at war with a worldview"

-- Says of pro-equality people of faith: "For the Christian, the inability to get this question right brings into serious question your ability to get anything right, biblically speaking. You can’t do calculus if you don’t know how to add or subtract." 

-- Describes same-sex marriages as "fruit from the same tree as the divorce problem

-- Says of the marriage conversation: "If logic ultimately mattered in this debate, we wouldn't be having it."

-- Claims gay couples are acting out of "insecurity": Whether they can accept it or not, a relationship involving two people of the same-sex is materially different than a relationship involving people of the opposite sex. Their effort to change the language so that it can no longer account for this difference is simply insecurity. 

-- Equates gay people's marriages with two siblings redefining their bond

-- Instructs supporters: "Tolerance is not something to be pursued"