-- Pastor of Bothell's Cedar Park Assembly Church who is widely known for his political involvement 

-- Serves on the board of directors for the Family Policy Institute of Washington



-- Says: “Today, we are confronted with a more rudimentary threat to the faith, a wholesale rejection of the God-ordained natural order.  Our society is engaged in a great debate about whether the words "male" and "female" really mean anything at all, and if it is permissible for men, who are confused about their gender, to be allowed to shower with young girls.”

-- Says of homosexuality: "I can believe that people are tilted in that direction by being molested as kids, or by being exposed to that way of thinking in movies or on TV at critical periods of their psycho-sexual development, or by any number of other factors." Adds: "choice can get a person out of the lifestyle."

-- Says "demons inspire people to believe that homosexual union is the moral equivalent of a proper marriage."

-- Admits that he doesn't want children taught that homosexuality is right (9:37 in clip)

-- Opposes non-discrimination laws for LGBTQ people: "Preventing discrimination has become the fig leaf to cover a naked political agenda.  The political agenda is normalizing homosexual behavior by putting legal approval upon it.  It is less a matter of discrimination than it is societal approval.  The homosexuals have not shown a pattern of discrimination nor have they shown that they have suffered harm as a class of people.  As a group, they are better educated and have a higher standard of living than the rest of society which is hardly the profile of an oppressed minority.  The tension arises from the fact that millions of Washingtonians view homosexual acts as immoral.  In an open society we are willing to tolerate private behavior which we view as immoral but unwilling to enshrine it within the sanctuary of the law.  Our attorneys tell us that by adding sexual orientation to the law we lose a key element in the “rational basis” test for restraining homosexual marriage.  It really is a slimy slope."

-- Saying homosexuality is one thing that "spell[s] the decline of a culture," writes: "Homosexuality is wrong for two reasons.  It is wrong because God says it is sin.  It falls short of the divine plan.  But it is also wrong because it places sexual expression outside the family." 

-- Warns that God will bring consequences onto the state if residents don't vote against marriage equality (19:15 in clip; again at 22:40).

-- Says of gay relationships: "Calling two homosexuals a family no more changes the reality than calling a dog a cat.  In either case it is still a dog.  There is no such thing as a homosexual marriage.  It is just playing with words.  It is like saying that all dogs have four legs.  Here is an animal that has four legs so it must be a dog."  

-- Says "God did not make homosexuals."  Says suggesting otherwise is a "doctrine of demons."

-- Says of equality: "Calling two homosexuals living together a 'marriage' is a joke that mocks what marriage actually is. 'Gay Marriage' is actually anti-marriage, reducing it to a farce."

-- Falsely claims that civil marriage equality will force churches to perform weddings: The Gay Marriage Equality bill will not be satisfied until virtually every church in Washington is forced to allow gays to hold their weddings in church sanctuaries under the threat of discrimination lawsuits.

-- Says of same-sex couples: "Obviously, homosexual relationship can never reflect the image of God because it is not unity with diversity.  There is no difference between the two such as there is between a man and a woman.  Therefore it cannot be what God intended.  It reflects the brokenness of humans."