--died Nov. 9, 2020, at age 66, according to statement posted to Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Maryland. Jackson was evangelical adviser to outgoing President Trump.

--cause of death not released. Jackson attended the White House superspreader event on Sept. 26th announcing the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court, an event attended by dozens who days later tested postive for COVID-19, including Pres. Trump. Two faith leaders including the President of Notre Dame University were among those infected after attending the event, held against CDC guidelines encouraging masks and adequate social distancing.

-- Christian preacher and Pentecostal bishop

-- Led the failed effort in opposition of marriage equality in Washington, D.C.


-- Calls on the church to rise up against trans rights: “The church cannot afford to be asleep,”...“She’s got to stand up. She’s got to engage, and believing Christians have got to understand this problem is coming to a bathroom near you. Your kids and grandkids and great-grandkids are going to be affected if we sleep on our watch this time around.”

-- Says: "Folks who cannot reproduce want to recruit your kids"..."What we're facing is a radical force of people who want to change the way America looks the next twenty years, and we need to stop this thing now"..."We need to steal back the rainbow—we can't let the gays have it."

-- Calls LGBTQ families "discombobulated, Frankenstein structures" that are "out of order" with God (at 10:55

-- Said (1:10–2:05) gay activists' current marriage push is "just like during the times of Hitler"

-- Said (0:37–0:40) marriage equality is part of “a satanic plot to destroy our seed,"  and (1:06–1:30) “an assault” which “corrupts, perverts and pollutes.” 

-- Accuses gays of "recruiting" 

-- At an anti-gay rally, said that he and other protesters “will launch the Armageddon of the marriage battle in this country.” 

-- Despite statements to the contrary from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s widow, he claimed (0:29–1:44) that MLK would not support gay couples’ freedom to marry.

-- Agreed with Pope Benedict XVI's belief that condoms somehow promote AIDS.

-- Says of marriage equality: "the nation has walking pneumonia and if we don't stop it this thing could become fatal." (2:36 in first clip)

-- Says same-sex marriage is "an assault" and that “The Enemy wants it to be a legacy, or a seed that is planted in this generation that corrupts, perverts and pollutes” 

-- Analogizing same-sex marriage to the Titanic, says: "this is one of those icebergs that, if we don't navigate around them correctly, will take us under" (:34–:41)

-- Says of the pro-equality NAACP: "The NAACP is about to become totally insignificant because they put their mouth and their alignment against the book, and if you stand against God, God has a way of standing against you—it ain't that difficult."  "God's wheels of justice" punish marriage equality supporters: