-- Conservative lobbyist

-- Exec. Director of Advance America, state's leading anti-LGBTQ org.



-- Fearmongers and slurs: “It’s never right for a man, including a sexual predator – a rapist or child molester – to ever be in a women’s restroom or women’s locker room in Indiana!  On this issue there is no middle ground!”

-- Said of Supreme Court’s marriage ruling: “June 26, 2015 will long be remembered as the day the U.S. Supreme Court destroyed the institution of marriage.”

-- Admits he believes "homosexuality is wrong"

-- While attempting to defeat federal hate crimes laws protecting LGBTQ people, falsely claimed pedophilia is a sexual orientation on par with homosexuality (*in fact, the APA classifies pedophilia as a behavior-based paraphilia)

-- Claims “[b]anning same-sex marriages and civil unions will prove to be the greatest moral battle of this generation.”

-- Distributed fear flier falsely claiming that pastors could be jailed for preaching against homosexuality once same-sex marriage passes