--Director of the Salt and Light Council

-- Ministry partner of Liberty Counsel, one of the most anti-LGBTQ legal organizations in America



-- Writes: “Secular society, having absorbed the shock of homosexuality, is now accepting transgenderism; next stop, postgenderism? We are experiencing the death knell of Christian America, as “bathroom bills” chip away all concepts of civility. Never mind that public acceptance of transgenderism depends on myth built on imagination. Government, media, our public education system, business, and even churches are promoting a delusion. We too easily forget that changing our God-given sexual identity is impossible; every cell in our bodies is indelibly marked male or female.”

-- Claims marriage equality is "detestable" and gays are "unnatural": Leviticus 18:22 warns that if a man lies with a male as one lies with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act before God. Homosexual marriage is detestable. If God says so, it can never be right. No matter what judge, politician or movie star says it is equal to marriage between one man and one woman. There is nothing civil about the right to unnatural sex lives. This is not about caring for society. It's not about “love.” True love is doing what is right and sacrificing pleasure for the greater good of society. 

-- Says of a law designed to protect transgender students: "If this becomes the norm in public schools, we are just asking for trouble. This is a travesty of justice. We're setting ourselves up for these children to be abused in bathrooms, for pedophilia, for rape, and ... to not have privacy."

-- Says: "...[H]omosexuals have no good, quality intentions with children but to indoctrinate them into a perverted, sexual lifestyle" 

-- Claims LGBTQ rights movement is "antithetical to Biblical values": "Rainbows are meant to show God's redemption, but this image has been co-opted by a movement that is antithetical to Biblical values," Reese added. "We're going to take back the rainbow by redeeming it with the white marriage bow."

-- Claimed Supreme Court rulings on marriage "brought shame to America;" says gays and lesbians want marriage to justify "ungodly behavior"

-- Said of the Prop 8 plaintiffs: "The Perry family, original plaintiffs in the [Prop 8] case, says they are coming back to California to 'get married' because they have now been ruled to be “just as good as everybody else.” Who said they weren't in the first place? God loves everyone. It is the homosexual community who treats themselves as such because in their hearts they know this is shameful behavior, and it is not right or equal to what is natural — one man and one woman for the purpose of procreation.This endless focus on sexual activity does not bring character to an individual or integrity to a society. Yes, in their own words, homosexuals look forward to using the words 'married' and 'husband.' In reality, they have been "using" all of us, all along. What they really want is to justify their ungodly behavior."

-- Her take on homosexuality and LGBTQ rights activism: "Homosexuality endlessly is about sex. One's identity is who and how you have sex. Frankly, this is becoming a boring subject. Is this all we can talk about anymore, not character qualities. Just sex, sex, sex. Well, that is clearly the focus and prerequisite to have a discussion with some human beings. I prefer to identify people by their attributes not sexual preferences. Sex used to be a subject that was only talked about by the deviants. Those with elegance and class never uttered a word publicly about such a private matter. It wasn't acceptable then and it is not now. If anyone has even a shred of decency, please keep your sexual escapades to yourself and keep it out of sight behind closed doors. This is not liberation, this is just unhealthy perversion. As for the government, what do you expect of those who deviate from the truth to lower the bar for political correctness and mediocrity."

-- While working to overturn law that allowed for LGBTQ-inclusive public school curriculum, said the inclusive teaching was just an attempt to "indoctrinate our children into accepting the homosexual lifestyle at an early age"

-- Speaking to local media, Brandished a claim of supposed transgender harassment that the school system says was "fabricated by one of the parents who opposes transgender students in schools."

-- Protested a law that does nothing more than strengthen bullying protections in CA public schools because, she predicted, "you're going to have the blind maybe, [perhaps] the deaf, who are going to step up and want specific laws to give extra punishment for their specific causes and their specific levels of abuse." 

-- Claims marriage equality decisions "will be the downfall of the moral and economic foundations of America": "To the Supreme Court and those supporting these decisions, I have this to say: You want economic stability? Well, you have struck that down today, too. You are going to watch the courts, our tax dollars, our public education system, our businesses, and the nation’s churches become nothing but 'fight machines' standing up for their consciences before God — no matter what the cost, and until the very end. The financial stress that each state is going to endure will be exorbitant as courts clog with cases in the 12 states that already recognize homosexual marriage. The resulting instability to come will be the downfall of the moral and economic foundations of America."