-- Founder and Chairman, American Family Association



-- From Don Wildmon’s “Principles Which Guide the AFA’s Opposition to the Homosexual Agenda”: “I never dreamed I would see the day when sodomy would be called normal, and those who held to traditional values based on Christian teaching would be called bigots."

-- Says LGBTQ people and allies have been "working diligently to overthrow the traditional views of Western Civilization regarding human sexuality, marriage and family"

-- "But the National PTA continued right along, increasingly becoming a tool to promote a left-wing philosophy instead of helping the children with their educational needs. The latest project for the National PTA is the promotion of the homosexual agenda…Stop the PTA from using your children to promote their left-wing political agenda.”

-- "Over the years, AFA [American Family Association] has consistently addressed the homosexual movement's obsession with infiltrating the public school system. Its eye-opening video 'It's Not Gay', which presents a heartbreaking look at the physical and emotional consequences of the homosexual lifestyle, has been the most popular video ever produced by AFA."

-- Claims TV is "worst thing to ever happen to America" (at :48 mark); pro-gay programming one reason why