- Exec. Director of Maryland Marriage Alliance



-- Says of trans bathroom accommodations: “We're going to be discriminating against the women"..."Because ... to be honest, what about the women's safety? What about women's rights? What about their ability to go into a public space with safety and security and not have to have these infringements come upon them that a male just wants to come in?"

- At controversial marriage panel where his fellow panelist claimed gays and supporters are "worthy of death," McCoy laughed hysterically when this same pastor said marriage equality backers are "on the wrong side of eternity."

- Claims LGBTQ-headed families are "just not faring as well because—guess what?—it's not what God created, it's not his best"

- Says of marriage equality: "I see an assault on the kingdom of God! I see an assault on the very essence of who God is in our culture!"