-- Head of the Florida Family Association; the only paid employee listed on the organization's most recent tax forms



-- Flies banners of Disney World "warning" locals about the annual "Gay Days" event

-- Decries Modern Family "because the show labels a same-sex couple with an adopted child as a modern family and attempts to normalize homosexuality by contrasting it with heterosexual couples that the show characterizes as abnormal"

-- Testified against domestic partnerships by saying (at 2:00) that it "gives credibility and legitimization to the same-sex lifestyle" and (at 2:19) "diminishes the value of the institution of marriage"

-- Attacked the TV show Degrassi for "affirming the homosexual and transgender lifestyles;" coupled this with hits against the network, Teen Nick, for airing public service announcements "which lead children and teens toward, not away from embracing these behaviors."

-- Flew "not born this way" banners over Lady Gaga concerts in protest of the pop star's LGBTQ support

-- Describes homosexuality as "an immoral behavior that children would embrace"

-- Attacked the Trevor Project's Helpline, a 24-hour support system for LGBTQ youth, because "if you call this helpline, you are not persuaded to walk away from the lifestyle. You are persuaded to be proud and embrace it."

-- In addition to TV shows, Caton's Florida Family Association has protested comic books, hotels, video games, organizations, and just about any entity that includes or supports LGBTQ people

-- Claimed the Boy Scouts inclusion of gay minors "could in all probability create more cases like Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky;" said it will "open the floodgates" to such incidents

-- Went after reality show by comparing American Muslims to snakes: "[All American Muslim] would be similar to the Learning Channel doing a report on 'snakes are good family pets' without reporting that there are four in Florida that are venomous. ....For TLC to choose to profile five people as an aberration of the Islamic faith is propaganda."

-- The New York Times describes Caton as "Waging a One-Man War on American Muslims"