--Field Director, Pennsylvania Family Institute


-- Says homosexuality must be shamed and stigmatized, on par with incest, and that gay people must "overcome this daunting personal challenge":  "If we are to reestablish a healthy, positive, and self-respecting understanding of masculinity in society, then homosexual conduct must be viewed as so ignominious, so disgraceful, so shameful that 'nobody would assume that a good man would engage in it.' Crucially, this does not imply censure of those who experience same-sex attractions; quite the opposite, it entails love and compassion for those who experience persistent same-sex attraction, that they may overcome this daunting personal challenge. Anthony Esolen writes that, just as the “stigma against incest allows for the physical and emotional freedom of a family,” the stigma against homosexual conduct makes room for powerful and fulfilling male friendships. Even more, such a stigma, applied with compassion and love for all, lays the foundation for a healthy, powerful, and beautiful conception of manhood to which young boys can look forward with anticipation and joy.

-- Equated parents who shun their gay children with women who choose to terminate a pregnancy when there is a diagnosis of Down Syndrome

-- Says it's "troubling" that certain states have banned scientifically-repudiated "ex-gay" efforts (5:55-6:25)

-- Claims Princeton University "placed a clear seal of approval on certain sexual values, opinions, and lifestyles" when it allowed an LGBT Center