-- Executive Director of the Christian Family Coalition in Miami, Florida



-- Referred to a court decision allowing same-sex couples to adopt as "a terrible, senseless blow against human rights, social justice and the children in Florida's troubled foster-care system'"

-- Demands that "an orphaned child, placed in a home with homosexuals, is in a high-risk environment"

-- Falsely claims that judges who rule in favor of marriage equality "have denied citizens their constitutional rights;" has used heated language like “corrupt decision” and a “judicial lynching of nearly 8 million Florida voters” to refer to such rulings

-- Quote in reaction to the repeal of Don't ask Don't Tell: "It is a tragic day for our nation when legitimizing sodomy is preferred over the morale and combat-readiness of America's military. Sadly, those who voted to repeal DADT don’t know that although they won this battle, they have lost the war. The movement to support our Armed Forces is more powerful than ever and will continue to build strength until we win. This cowardly political betrayal of America's service men and women will not be forgotten on Election Day. U.S. Senator Bill Nelson's corrupt vote to repeal DADT attacked our troops and dishonored our nation's founders. Senator Nelson is now partying and laughing now with the extremist fringe group he pandered to, but the people of Florida will remind him of his unfitness to be their senator should he have the temerity to ask them for their vote in the 2012 elections."

-- Defended a local politician's refusal to sign a pride proclamation by attacking LGBTQ people as "bigoted extremists" with a "true agenda of hate, bigotry, intolerance and discrimination"

-- In a heinous comment in which he expressed hope that controversy surrounding the Boy Scouts might help his organization repeal a nondiscrimination ordinance, Verdugo declared, "the Boy Scouts is our Matthew Shepard"