YouTuber hopes to teach people a thing or two about bisexuality

Popular YouTube star R.J. Aguiar posted a video Monday in response to those who have tried to erase his bisexual identity. In the video, Aguiar responds directly to several comments about his orientation: "Why don't you just come out as gay already? ... We never see you check out girls in your vlog. ... Can you please stop lying to us and yourself and just admit that you're gay?"

Aguiar, who is in a relationship with a man, said, "I didn't really 'come out as bi' to anyone else. I just introduced all of my friends to Will and let them draw their own conclusions. It wasn't until viewers started asking me about my sexuality and my personal coming out journey that I felt compelled to start talking about it online."

"Not only do I hope that this video teaches people a thing or two about bisexuality, but I hope they also feel compelled to take a similar stand when it comes to their own identity,” Aguiar said. You can watch the video below: