Your gayness makes Pat Robertson, and the Earth, vomit

You have to give 700 Club host Pat Robertson his due credit.  After so many decades of slighting LGBT people, there's still enough fight left in the ol' boy to earn him special distinction on the 21st century's scale of anti-LGBT offense.

Right Wing Watch brings us the latest clip:

But wait, there's more!  The apparently gag-prone commentator went on to say that Facebook needs a "vomit" button so that people like him can register their disgust over gay couples' photos.  Right Wing Watch again:

I say to Mr. Robertson: Pat, buddy—take some Pepto!  And give some to the planet, too.  All this vomit is going to get really gross, and we have enough to deal with without having to mop-and-bucket all this spit up.

But actually, Pat, maybe you should just go ahead and take a rest.  Take some time off.  Go fishing.  Spend time with your family.  Live a life of leisure.  Step away from the media so that you never have to see smiling gays celebrating our hard-fought wins. It's been a long run, and you've been a staunch "culture warrior"—all of this demonization of a minority group must take its toll.  A nice, relaxing break might do wonders for your tummy.  

But regardless of what it does for you, Mr. R., I can guarantee you that your time away will do wonders for the psyche of young LGBT people everywhere.  Far too many of them have overheard their parents' TVs and walked away feeling downright awful about who they are and who they know they were designed to be.  Far too many of them have constantly knot-tied stomachs because of the inner fears that folks like you have chosen to foster.  Far too many are hearing you say that they are nasty and/or worthless, and some of them are choosing to believe that you actually mean it.

Isn't it time that you instead focus on healing?  On peace?  Or at least on soothed bellies?  Think it over.