Young Colombian man commits suicide after relationship is uncovered by school

A heartbreaking story of anti-gay pressure that led to suicide in Colombia was well reported this week by Natalia Herrera Duran writing for El Espectador. Sergio Urrego, 16, killed himself after school's administrators first made public his relationship with another young man then accused him of sexual harassment. According to the story, the relationship was discovered by a teacher who saw a photo on Sergio's phone of him kissing his boyfriend. The school, Gimnasio Castillo Campestre, a Catholic institution, treated the situation in a deplorable manner, according to Sergio's mother, who said she will not rest until her son's name is cleared. She is filing a complaint, supported by the LGBT group Colombia Diversa. According to the story, Sergio's friends were also shocked when, at a meeting they were called to, the school principal described him as an "anarchist" an "atheist, and "a homosexual." They are organizing vigils this Friday in front of the school and at the location where he ended his life and on Oct. 4 in Medellín, where the family is from. Anti-gay bullying and anti-LGBT hate are still far too common in Latin America and the rest of the world. On October 16, Spirit Day, join GLAAD and many others around the world in helping to send a message of support to LGBT youth.