Yet Another Major Study Finds Strong LGBT Support Among Latinos

A study released by the Pew Hispanic Center April 4 found that 59 percent of U.S. Latinos say homosexuality should be accepted by society. Second generation Hispanics go further, with 68 percent of those surveyed saying the same.

A 2010 Bendixen & Amandi International poll found 83 percent of Latinos support housing and employment non-discrimination protections and 74 percent support marriage equality or other forms of legal recognition for gay and lesbian couples.

On some social issues, Latinos hold views similar to the general public, but on others, Latinos are more conservative. Virtually identical shares of Latinos (59%) and the general public (58%) say homosexuality should be accepted by society,” according to the Pew study, “When Labels Don’t Fit: Hispanics and Their Views of Identity,” by Paul Taylor, Mark Hugo Lopez, Jessica Hamar Martínez and Gabriel Velasco.

This is no surprise given the rise in fair, accurate and inclusive representations of LGBT people and issues in Spanish-language news and entertainment media outlets in recent years, especially as a result of coverage around California's Proposition 8, Ricky Martin's coming out, as well as marriage equality victories in Mexico City and Argentina.

According to a 2012 Opportunity Agenda report, LGBT issues are generally discussed through a positive lens as human or civil rights in Spanish-language print and online media. In addition, media monitoring by GLAAD shows an increase in both the number and quality of LGBT representations in Spanish-language television. This is significant because as Latinos get to know multi-dimensional LGBT characters, they get to know their LGBT family members, neighbors, friends and colleagues, thereby increasing acceptance and respect for LGBT people and issues.

Additional findings from 2010 Bendixen & Amandi International poll:

  • 80 percent of Latinos believe gay people often face discrimination
  • 83 percent of Latinos support housing and employment non-discrimination protections
  • 74 percent of Latinos support marriage or similar legal recognitions for gay and lesbian couples
  • 73 percent of Latinos support gays and lesbians serving openly in the military
  • 75 percent of Latinos support school policies to prevent harassment and bullying of students who are or are perceived to be gay
  • 68 percent of Latino Catholics believe being gay is morally acceptable and 69 percent of Latino Christians said that their religion is accepting of all people, including gay people

View more statistics and a document providing resources for conversations with Latinos and Hispanics on LGBT equality here: