Writers, entertainers, businesses, advocates, politicians stand against new anti-LGBT Mississippi law

Yesterday, notable authors John Grisham, Greg Iles, and Julia Reed were among 95 Mississippi writers to pen a letter opposing Mississippi's House Bill 1523, which was recently signed into law. In addition to these writers, numerous celebrities, businesses, organizations, and politicians have begun taking to social media to voice their opposition to Mississippi's discriminatory House Bill 1523, a so-called "religious freedom" bill that has many harmful implications for the LGBT community in Mississippi, including denial of psychological, housing, and medical services based on gender identity and sexual orientation, along with allowing for employment discrimination based upon these factors.

Among the most well-known and widely respected advocates to speak out against the law are Congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis, and comedian Ellen Degeneres, who brought the law to national attention in a monologue on her daily talk show:

Celebrities have taken to their social media accounts to publicly oppose this legislation and to call for action, as well.

Author Neil Gaiman:

Talk show host Montel Williams:

Actress Alyssa Milano:

Actor Elijah Wood:

Singer Lance Bass:

Actor Josh Gad:


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Producer and talk show host Andy Cohen:

Businesses with operations within Mississippi have also made statements opposing HB 1523. IBM:


Levi Strauss & Co.:

Mass Mutual:

There has also been a letter written by Human Rights Campaign that has been signed and supported by numerous business leaders. The letter can be found here.

Advocacy organizations and LGBT advocates on the ground have come out against HB 1523 as well.

Local Mississippi advocate, Kaylee Bradshaw:

The ACLU of Mississippi:

Unity Mississippi:

Politicians have also shown their opposition for HB 1523.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo:

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton:

Fellow Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has not made a direct statement about HB 1523, but shared the following related tweet:

Republican Democratic candidate John Kasich has not addressed HB 1523, but responded that he "probably would not" have signed a similar discriminatory bill in North Carolina:

Neither of his fellow Republican presidential candidates, Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, have formally responded or announced their positions on HB 1523 or similar bills.

The outpouring of opposition to HB 1523 shows that people all around the country are disturbed by the discriminatory nature of this, and other harmful anti-LGBT bills.