Writer and actor, Dan Bucatinsky, joins other modern families at first annual Family Outfest

A new event called Family Outfest is underway in Orlando, Florida this week to bring same-sex parents and their children to Disney World, Universal Studios, Lake Ivanhoe, and more for a vacation they will never forget. ABC Scandal actor, writer, and director Dan Bucatinsky, along with his husband and two children, have joined in on the fun with upwards of a thousand other LGBT families.  

The week-long event is sponsored by Family Equality Council, a group that works to connect, support, and represent the three million LGBT parents in the U.S. and their six million children to raise their voices and work toward equality. Although Florida does not recognize same-sex marriages or have equal protections in place for LGBT parents and families, this first annual Family Outfest is intended to increase the visibility of LGBT families in Orlando and show others that these families are just like everyone else.

Family Outfest participant Michelle Binkewicz told Florida's Channel 9 News, "It allows our families to mingle basically with everybody and say we're just like everybody else. Our families are just the same. We go to work, we pay our bills, we raise our children."

Activities include a parents' night out, a day at Disney's Magic Kingdom, a kid's-only night at Nickelodeon Suites Resort, and of course some fourth of July fireworks! The families are guaranteed to leave on July 7th with incredible memories and some new life-long friends.