Wolfe Video's Jenni Olson picks 25 must-see LGBT films and a few more you really should check out

Jenni Olson - curator, filmmaker, and VP of E-Commerce & Consumer Marketing at Wolfe Video - has put together "The Essential LGBTQ" list of 25 must-see films for the movie fanatic blog Fandor. The post also contains a secondary list of films as well as some LGBT creators to keep up with including Pedro Almodóvar, Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman and more:

"Given the weighty task of designating twenty-five LGBTQ films as canonical, I confess to being a bit nervous. There are truly hundreds of films I would love to mention here if I could—films showcasing great craftsmanship, important themes and landmark representations of all kinds. The only way I was able to decide on this initial list of twenty-five canonical LGBTQ films was to simultaneously create a second list of twenty-five additional films that I would also want to be part of the canon."

Check out Jenni's full list of must-see LGBT films at Fandor. What is YOUR must-see LGBT film recommendation?