Who Inspires You to Vote? ¿Quién te inspira a votar?

We recently asked members of our amazing Latinx LGBTQ community to share who would be in their hearts and on their minds as they voted. This is what they told us. A big gracias & thank you to everyone who participated!

  • If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, Equality Florida has them. Sign up here.
  • If you or someone you know needs a ride to the polls, Voto Latino is distributing free rides through Nov. 3rd to folks who are needing a Lyft to cast a ballot. People can claim a ride to/from the polls by texting "LYFT" to 73179 (*Up to $25. While supplies last.) View the terms here.

Angel C. Fabian

I am voting in memory of my mother, Esther Vera, who grew up with very little and gave so much to anyone in need. She was a great proponent of social justice, immigrant rights and a traditional healer. I can vote because she made it possible for me to vote.

Angel C. Fabian is the Advocacy Coordinator at MPact in Oakland, California, which advocates for gay and bisexual men’s health and rights.

Ethan Molina

I am voting for my dad, porque inmigrantes hacen que este país funcione (because immigrants make this country work!). He has a trans son and I need access to healthcare!

Ethan Molina is part of the Somos Familia Valle Youth Council

Brandon Wolf

I will be thinking of Drew and Juan when I vote. When a gunman stole them from us at Pulse on June 12, 2016, I made a promise to never stop fighting for a world they would be proud of. Time to take that fight to the ballot box.

Brandon Wolf, (center of photo) is a Development Officer and Media Manager at Equality Florida

Tatiana Quiroga

Oh, 2020! What a year?! When I immigrated to the U.S. from La Paz, Bolivia as a child with my parents, I had to quickly learn the language and adapt to the culture. I never imagined, years later, I would be a lesbian mom and wife, parenting my kiddos during a global pandemic, a racial justice revolution, and what feels like the most important ever presidential election. Despite it all, my motivation and inspiration are my two kiddos. I am voting to create an equitable life for them and every other black and brown child who lives in a marginalized family and community that is directly impacted by systemic racism, white supremacy, and oppressive systems. I am voting for all the Latinx and LGBTQIA+ children and youth, who can’t vote. I am voting because my children’s future is at stake.

Tatiana Quiroga is the Director of Family Equality & Diversity for Family Equality. She is a proud mother, wife, and advocate for LGBTQ+ families.

Jorge Gutierrez

I am inspired by Black and Brown trans and queer community organizers and artists who are showing us the way. I am inspired by mother, who has cleaned houses for more than 20 years. She’s smart, kind, hilarious and deserves so much better. I am inspired by my jota community and our rage, joy, love, hustle and to our deep commitment to dreaming that another world is possible. I am undocumented, queer and I cannot vote but I am organizing to bring out the LGBTQ Latinx community to register to vote and get them to vote. I know elections and politicians alone will not save us or keeps us safe from the police, ICE, or white supremacy. But as a community organizer, I see this election as an organizing opportunity to create room for what’s possible in the short-term because so many people are hurting right now.

My commitment to organizing for racial justice is beyond this election cycle, but I cannot stand on the sidelines when there is so much at stake for so many of us. That is why we at Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement decided to launch our #VotaJota civic engagement campaign to bring out the LGBTQ Latinx vote in Arizona, North Carolina, and Florida. And to be frank-neither party is investing real time, energy, or resources trying to talk to our Latinx community let alone trying to listen to the issues that matter to the trans and queer Latinx community. We are not waiting for anyone to come to our communities and do the work we must do because we got each other, and we know the issues and solutions we need to create communities free of prisons, cages, police, violence and white supremacy.

Jorge Gutierrez is the Executive Director of Familia Trans Queer Liberation Movement. To learn more about Familia: TQLM’s #VotaJota Campaign please visit votajota.com

Kevin Al Perez

I'm voting for my Guatemalan immigrant mother's wildest dreams. Ella trabajó mucho para que yo pudiera luchar. (She worked hard so that I could fight for equality). Ella sabía que juntos, en familia podríamos cambiar el mundo. (She knew that together we could change the world.)

Kevin Al Perez is a proud queer Guatemalan born and raised in San Fernando Valley, CA. Kevin is the President of the local LGBTQ+ non-profit organization Somos Familia Valle and thrives to uplift his local 818 community. To learn more about local grassroots work in the valley, visit somosfamiliavalle.org

Juan del Hierro 

This election I think of my son, Lucas, and the world I want him to live in, the leader I want him to become.

Juan del Hierro is Associate Minister at Unity on the Bay