White House takes action against Uganda's anti-LGBT laws

The Obama Administration has taken actions to address Uganda's draconian laws. Uganda's anti-LGBT act was first introduced in 2009 and was officially signed into law by President Museveni in February of 2014. The law prohibits any form of LGBT relations as well as prohibits the promotion or acknowledgement of LGBT related issues. Those found guilty of breaking the law can face up to life imprisonment making it nearly impossible for LGBT Ugandans to live a safe and openly out lives.

As the CNN reports, The White House made an announcement earlier this week offering LGBT Ugandans hope for a better future as well as create a strong stance about the attitude of United States on the LGBT rights. Uganda's government institutions will now lose the aid from United States due to the violation of Human Rights by the government.

Along with the discontinuation of government funds, the U.S. government will now ban visas for individuals violating human rights, LGBT rights or those who are accused of corruption. This new initiative would assure that those who promote the LGBT inequality and draconian laws cannot enter the United States. Those individuals who are currently in a possession of an American VISA will be contacted to surrender their visa. In case of an individual expressing the desire to attain a VISA, their application will be denied. Due to the privacy rights, the list of individuals who will denied entry into the United States is unknown.

This certainly is an incredibly valuable step in ending the discrimination which LGBT Ugandans face. The U.S. government took a strong stance in fighting for LGBT equality not only domestically but also around the world in countries where individuals face a life in prison for being who they are. This is certainly just a beginning of the movement. As progressive as the new laws are, we must be aware of other countries such as Nigeria where LGBT individuals face criminalization and hate crime