White House focuses on LGBT community for Affordable Care Act open enrollment

The Affordable Care Act open enrollment period has just started, but the deadline is already quickly approaching. By January 31, 2016, LGBT families, couples, and individuals can apply for equal and fair healthcare coverage. Visiting HealthCare.gov during open enrollment helps consumers find affordable coverage that meets both their budget and their needs.

Unfortunately, the LGBT community has faced many challenges in the past such as violence, discrimination, and rejection from family when accessing necessary health services. The White House specifically through the Affordable Care Act made sure to offer healthcare options for major LGBT health concerns such as substance abuse, mental illness, HIV/AIDS, and sexual and physical violence.

Since 2014, The Affordable Care Act has helped 17.6 million LGBT Americans by improving access to health coverage. Huge gaps in coverage for LGBT people used to exist due to lower rates of healthcare availabilities for LGBT people. Since its creation, the Affordable Care Act has been working to give all Americans, including LGBT Americans, greater access to expanded healthcare options. The Affordable Care Act offers a stronger Medicaid program, affordable health insurance, new Affordable Insurance Exchanges, and even marketplaces for quality. This means that all LGBT Americans cannot be denied access by insurance companies to quality and affordable health coverage even when sick, switching jobs, or during unemployment. The Affordable Care Act asks that all Americans be treated equally and fairly.

Want to learn how you can access new health insurance coverage options available under the Affordable Care Act? Out2Enroll, a national initiative connecting LGBT people to these options under the Affordable Care Act, is an excellent resource for the LGBT community, helping those who are not covered to sign up for equal healthcare coverage. Find out more about how to enroll before January 31, 2016, at www.Out2Enroll.org.

For more information about the Affordable Care Act itself and how it benefits LGBT people, visit HealthCare.gov.