What's your #DayinLGBT look like?

Today, join The Advocate's #DayinLGBT social media campaign in three easy steps:

Use your post to tell your story as a member of the LGBT community, sharing your experiences with the rest of the internet. The best ones will be selected by The Advocate and shared on its website, like last year.

Folks all over the world have been among those participating, including leading advocates like GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis and Board of Directors co-chair Jenny Boylan:

And more:

"On its own, changing hearts and minds of the mainstream is good enough a reason to participate in today's #DayInLGBT," wrote Lucas Grindely, an editor at The Advocate, in the post, "Why #DayInLGBT Matters if you are LGBT." He continued, "But in an equally important sense, I want this #DayInLGBT to serve double duty as a message to our own community. Today when you post a photo to Twitter or Instagram and tag it with #DayInLGBT (yes, it's that simple), it can be about celebrating the myriad of ways we differ. The point is: there is no prevailing picture of what it means to be LGBT."

It's still not too late to contribute! Let @GLAAD and @TheAdvocateMag know what your #DayInLGBT looks like.