What's next for the movement? Hangout with GLAAD, Google+, BuzzFeed, & more to discuss

GLAAD and Google+ will be hosting a Hangout this week to discuss the recent win for marriage equality in New Jersey and what it means for the LGBT movement. There are now 14 states, plus the District of Columbia, with a combined population of more than 102 million Americans, in which marriage equality is the law.

This is an historic moment in our country's LGBT movement and merits a close examination of how we got here, what it means for us now, and where we are going. A Google Hangout this Friday, October 25 at 3 PM ET, aims to do just that. GLAAD is proud to participate in the event, discussing the positive impact marriage equality will have on the lives of couples in New Jersey who are LGBT and the law's greater significance for the national movement.

The Hangout will be moderated by Chris Geidner, the Legal Editor at BuzzFeed, and will include an impressive panel that combines experts in the field as well as people who are personally affected by the recognition of marriage equality. On the panel, you'll find GLAAD's own Director of News, Ross Murray; Richard Carlbom, Director of State Campaigns for the Freedom to Marry organization; Shannon Cuttle, Managing Director for Garden State Equality; Dr. Jay Michaelson, lawyer and activist with Political Research Associates; and Ashley Jestat and Gabriela Guiliani, an engaged couple from New Jersey.

We want to hear your thoughts on marriage equality, the state and future of the LGBT movement, and what it all means for people in the Garden State and throughout the country--so be sure to join in on what is sure to be an engaging and enlightening conversation.