What to Watch Weekend 1/4-6: The Biggest Loser, Downton Abbey Season Premieres

This weekend catch the season premieres of Say Yes to the Dress: Randy Knows Best, Downton Abbey and The Biggest Loser. Plus all new episodes of Underemployed, Say Yes to the Dress, Undercover Boss, Revenge and The Good Wife.

What to Watch: Friday, January 4

8:00pm: Undercover Boss, CBS (1 hr) NEW

Mood Media CEO Lorne Abony goes undercover and works at his own company. He is inspired by his discussions with an out employee to announce a company-wide policy change that will provide benefits and recognition to same-sex couples.

9:30pm: Say Yes to the Dress, TLC (30 mins) NEW

Holiday weddings are featured as one bride plans a Black Friday ceremony, another wants to find a dress inspired by ice and snow and a third bride-to-be seeks parental approval of her desire for a holiday-themed ceremony.

10:00pm: Say Yes to the Dress: Randy Knows Best, TLC (30 mins) SEASON PREMIERE

Randy recalls the top ten memorable mothers he has had to deal with who have accompanied their daughters for dress fittings.

10:30pm: Say Yes to the Dress: Randy Knows Best, TLC (30 mins) NEW

A look back at some of the most expensive dresses and big budget ceremonies that Randy has worked with.

This morning and afternoon, check your local listings for information about EllenThe Talk (CBS) and The Chew (ABC). Days of Our Lives on NBC (check local listings for time) features gay character Will as a series regular; keep an eye out for developments between Will and Sonny.

What to Watch: Saturday, January 5

8:00pm: Underemployed, MTV (1 hr) NEW

Sophia releases her novel and worries about the first reviews. Meanwhile, Daphne must make a decision about staying with Todd or taking the chance on Miles and Lou begins applying to graduate school programs.

What to Watch: Sunday, January 6

9:00pm: Revenge, ABC (1 hr) NEW

Victoria begins plotting her next scheme and, surprisingly, actually wants to involve Emily in the planning. Meanwhile, Emily works to set up her next target and Declan makes a discovery that could threaten the Stowaway's future.

9:00pm: The Good Wife, CBS (1 hr) NEW

Will's current case, which could bring the firm millions if he wins, hangs in the balance as Alicia works to block Louis Canning's efforts to keep a crucial piece of evidence from getting discovered by the firm. Meanwhile, Will and Diane take a stand against Clarke and an old enemy returns to challenge Eli.

9:00pm: Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey, PBS (2 hrs) SEASON PREMIERE

Family and staff prepare for Matthew and Mary's wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, Robert gets bad news about an investment, O'Brien sets up her nephew with a job as the new footman and Anna promises to prove John's innocence.

9:00pm: The Biggest Loser, NBC (2 hrs) SEASON PREMIERE

The weight loss competion returns with a new twist: this season will include three teenagers working to get healthy in addition to the 15 adult contestants. Out trainer Jillian Michaels returns and the season's cast includes the show's first out contestant, Jackson Carter, who has dealt with bullying for his weight and his orientation. Watch a first look at the new season below.


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