What to Watch Weekend 11/30-12/2: Nolan Confronts a Ghost From His Past on 'Revenge'

This weekend catch all new episodes of Malibu Country, Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids, The Amazing Race, Revenge, The Good Wife, the season premiere of Shahs of Sunset and MTV's World AIDS Day special documentary, I'm Positive.

What to Watch: Friday, November 30

8:30pm: Malibu Country, ABC (30 mins) NEW

Reba feels threatened when June starts spending time with Kim and resorts to spying on June's texts and dressing more like a teenager to try and bond with June again. Meanwhile, Lillie Mae tries to teach Cash about responsibility and being the "man of the house."

9:00pm: Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids, TLC (30 mins) NEW

One group of bridesmaids is frustrated by the bride's lack of style sense and another bride deals with her future sister-in-law who insist that she have a say in the bridesmaid dresses.

9:30pm: Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids, TLC (30 mins) NEW

Tempers clash as one woman fights with her new mother-in-law over short dresses for the bridesmaids, one woman's older sister wants a different look from the rest of the bridal party and a bride and her wedding planner argue over her dress choice.

This morning and afternoon, check your local listings for information about Ellen,The Talk (CBS) & The Chew (ABC). Days of Our Lives on NBC (check local listings for time) features gay character Will as a series regular; keep an eye out for developments between Will and Sonny.

What to Watch: Saturday, December 1

7:00pm: I'm Positive, MTV (1 hr) NEW

MTV marks World AIDS Day with a special documentary that follows three young people in the U.S. who are HIV positive. Among them is Otis, an openly gay man who struggles with setting a good example for his younger siblings while coming out as HIV positive. Watch a sneak peek of his story below.

What to Watch: Sunday, December 2

8:00pm: The Amazing Race, CBS (1 hr) NEW

The teams continue the race in Spain as they run into a Roadblock on Rafael Nadal's practice courts. This season's cast includes gay couple Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge (better known as The Fabulous Beekman Boys) and gay Chippendales dancer Jaymes Vaughan.

9:00pm: Revenge, ABC (1 hr) NEW

Nolan confronts a ghost from his past and tries to deal with the changes the confrontation brings to his life. Meanwhile, Emily and Aiden work their way through Grayson Global as Daniel's leading role is challenged and Carl's christening brings up new concerns for Jack and Declan.

9:00pm: The Good Wife, CBS (1 hr) NEW

Kalinda is forced to action when Nick goes out of control. Meanwhile, Alicia and Will work on separate but related murder cases and Eli is pressured by the Justice Department.

10:00pm: Shahs of Sunset, Bravo (1 hr) SEASON PREMIERE

The new season premiere has Reza in a full-blown crisis as he questions everything: his commitment to his boyfriend, his lifelong friendship with MJ and a long-simmering resentment twoards his grandmother.


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