What to Watch Weekend 10/3-5: 'Mulaney' series premiere

This weekend watch the Mulaney and Survivor's Remorse series premieres, plus all new episodes of The Amazing Race, America's Next Top Model, Please Like Me, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Wife, Oprah: Where are They Now and Revenge.

What to Watch: Friday, October 3

8:00pm: The Amazing Race, CBS (1 hr) NEW

The race continues in London as the teams compete to win an Express Pass. This season's contestants include couple Tim and Te Jay.

9:00pm: America's Next Top Model, CW (1 hr) NEW

The models put their acting skills to the test as they audition for walk on roles on a scripted television series. This season Miss J has returned as a judge and the cast includes out contestant Will.

10:30pm: Please Like Me, Pivot (30 mins) NEW

It's Josh's first day working at the coffee cart and later he and Arnold take Tom along on their date. Meanwhile, Stuart says he is leaving for good as Josh's dad breaks the news that he plans to propose to Mae.

What to Watch: Saturday, October 4

9:00pm: Survivor's Remorse, Starz (30 mins) SERIES PREMIERE

A young professional basketball players moves to Atlanta to join his new team as he and his family struggle to adapt to the newfound fame and complications of his career.

What to Watch: Sunday, October 5

8:30pm: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Fox (30 mins) NEW

Captain Holt's old nemesis visits the station to perform an inspection and Jake and Terry investigate a crime at a chocolate milk bar.

9:00pm: The Good Wife, CBS (1 hr) NEW

Alicia and Dean find themselves in an unfamiliar environment when their client's case goes into Christian arbitration.

9:00pm: Oprah: Where Are They Now?, OWN (1 hr) NEW

Raven Symone visits Oprah and talks about her life and career, including clarfiying what she meant when she tweeted "I can finally get married! Yay government! So very proud of you" last summer.

I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you. - See more at: http://elixher.com/raven-symone-opens-up-about-her-sexuality-on-oprahs-o...
I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you. - See more at: http://elixher.com/raven-symone-opens-up-about-her-sexuality-on-oprahs-o...

9:30pm: Mulaney, Fox (30 mins) SERIES PREMIERE

A struggling stand up comedian takes a job as a writer for a difficult game show host.

10:00pm: Revenge, ABC (1 hr) NEW

Emily will not let anything or anyone stand in her way as she searches for Victoria who is bound by her own ugly secret.

This morning and afternoon, check your local listings for information about EllenThe Talk (CBS), The Gossip Table (VH1), The View (ABC) and The Chew (ABC). Soap operas Days of Our Lives on NBC and General Hospital on ABC (check local listings for time) both feature out characters.


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