What to Watch: Wednesday, February 29

Will talks with Sami and Ian on a new Days of Our Lives, Modern Family's Mitchell plans an amazing party for Cameron's Leap Day birthday, Dave's new cocktail has an unusual effect on the Happy Endings gang, someone has to pay for what happened at the Fire & Ice party on Revenge and The Challenge's Rachel and Aneesa work to repair their partnership.

What to Watch: Wednesday, February 29

Check local listings: Days of Our Lives, NBC (1 hr) NEW

Sami apologizes to Will and he nearly confides in her; after their talk, Will has a strange encounter with Ian. Kate is scared and tells Sami that there is a spy in Salem, Sami is off balance and calls Lucas for help and Ian admits to Kate that Sami is actually the mole as he doesn't yet know that Kate spoke with Sami. Meanwhile something horrible happens to Walsh and John and Hope file for divorce in Alamainia.

8:30pm: Suburgatory, ABC (30 mins) NEW 

Fred and Sheila organize a croquet match against Dallas and George and Fred misreads Sheila's intentions towards George. Tessa wants to impress the new poetry teacher, but the teacher seems to prefer Dalia's writing.

9:00pm: Modern Family, ABC (30 mins) NEW 

Cameron's birthday falls on Leap Day and since there are so few chances to celebrate, the pressure is on Mitchell to throw an amazing party. Jay's manhood is in question and Phil's plans to spend the day with the boys are ruined by the girls.

9:30pm: Happy Endings, ABC (30 mins) NEW 

Dave's new "Steak Me Home Tonight" truck is the new hot place to eat in Chicago and he thinks his friends are jealous of his success when they start avoiding him. The real reason the gang is avoiding Dave is that his new cocktail is giving everyone sex dreams about him, except Alex who is on an alcohol free kick.

10:00pm: The Challenge: Battle of the Exes, MTV (1 hr) NEW 

Rachel and Aneesa struggle with trust issues and work to improve their relationship. Meanwhile CT and Diem are constantly fighting and the tension levels rise in the house when Emily finds out that Paula and Ty are building a relationship.

10:00pm: Revenge, ABC (1 hr) NEW 

The murder at the Fire & Ice party shocks the Hamptons and everyone is looking for someone to blame. The Graysons project a united front, Emily grows more and more anxious, Ashley defends her family and Jack wants to know where Amanda has disappeared to. Check out an episode trailer below.

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