What to Watch Tuesday 2/26: Kyle and Jimmy get their big chance on a new 'Smash'

Tonight catch all new episodes of Pretty Little Liars, Go On, The New Normal, Smash and White Collar!

What to Watch: Tuesday, February 26

8:00pm: Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family (1 hr) NEW

Spencer is finally ready to talk about what happened with Toby, but Emily isn't ready to hear what she has to say yet. Meanwhile, Hanna is taking care of her mom following her hit and run accident and Aria reconciles herself with Ezra's new role in Malcolm's life. Watch a sneak peek below.

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9:00pm: Go On, NBC (30 mins) NEW

Anne agrees to let Mr. K watch her children when her normal babysitter cancels and Anne gets a chance to grow closer to her kids as a result. Meanwhile, Ryan struggles with the decision to stop wearing his wedding ring.

9:30pm: The New Normal, NBC (30 mins) NEW

Bryan and David agree to let the girls host a baby shower for them, but they don't know the boys plan to donate all the gifts. Meanwhile, Clay and Shania decide to throw Goldie a shower because she has never had one before.

10:00pm: Smash, NBC (1 hr) NEW

Jimmy's pride gets in the way of an opportunity Karen sets up for him and Kyle. Meanwhile, Eileen must make a choice that could ruin Bombshell and Peter continues to challenge Julia to up her writing game. Check out a sneak peek below.

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10:00pm: White Collar, USA (1 hr) NEW

Peter and Neal investigate the world of sculpture forgery while also working on finding the location of Ellen's evidence box.

This morning and afternoon, check your local listings for information about EllenThe Talk (CBS) and The Chew (ABC). Days of Our Lives on NBC (check local listings for time) features gay character Will as a series regular; keep an eye out for developments between Will and Sonny.


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