What to Watch Tuesday 1/15: Jane's Ex-Girlfriend Visits On a New 'Happy Endings'

Tonight catch all new episodes of Pretty Little Liars, Emily Owens, M.D., Happy Endings, Go On, Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23 and The New Normal.

What to Watch: Tuesday, January 15

8:00pm: Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family (1 hr) NEW

Aria, Emily and Spencer are positive that Mona is up to her old tricks after the events of the school marathon, but Hanna holds out hope for her old friend and insists they find more proof before they do anything. Meanwhile, Aria's suspicions about her father grow stronger when something important hidden in her room goes missing. Check out a sneak peek below.

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9:00pm: Emily Owens, M.D., CW (1 hr) NEW

Tyra offers to teach Emily how to flirt to prove Emily's theory that Will is jealous about her going on a date. Meanwhile, Dr. A.J. Aquino returns to the hospital, Emily deals with a patient who claims to be psychic and Cassandra's lung transplant patient has a tough choice to make when the team finds additional complications.

9:00pm: Happy Endings, ABC (30 mins) NEW

Jane's ex, Ryan, comes to town and Brad is shocked to find out that Ryan is a woman. Meanwhile, Max gets a new roommate, Chase, who immediately upgrades the apartment with new furniture and electronics, but the gang are suspicious and begin digging into his personal life when he suddenly disappears.

9:00pm: Go On, NBC (30 mins) NEW

Ryan is eager to get his first date following his wife's passing done and over with, but he runs into competition from guest star Shaun White when he asks out one of Carrie's friends. Meanwhile, Yolanda starts her new job at the hospital where Sonia works and tries to use this new start to re-invent herself.

9:30pm: Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23, ABC (30 mins) NEW

Chloe encourages June to get back out in the world and start dating again. When they find out they've both accidentally asked out the same man, they end up in a pseudo dating show with James organizing a variety of challenges as they compete for the man's attention.

9:30pm: The New Normal, NBC (30 mins) NEW

When Bryan and David fail to find the perfect nanny, they discuss one of them becoming a stay-at-home dad once the baby arrives. They both want to try, so they decide to test their skills on Shania, but neither find themselves prepared for the reality of being a stay-at-home parent.

This morning and afternoon, check your local listings for information about EllenThe Talk (CBS) and The Chew (ABC). Days of Our Lives on NBC (check local listings for time) features gay character Will as a series regular; keep an eye out for developments between Will and Sonny.


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