What to Watch Monday 7/8: New Episodes of The Fosters, Push Girls and Teen Wolf

Tonight catch all new episodes of The Fosters, Major Crimes, Push Girls, Mistresses, Under the Dome, Teen Wolf and Warehouse 13.

What to Watch: Monday, July 8

9:00pm: Major Crimes, TNT (1 hr) NEW

Raydor's estranged husband arrives in LA and wins over Rusty while Raydor remains suspicious of him. The team work investigate a murder that may stem from a drug bust gone wrong.

9:00pm: The Fosters, ABC Family (1 hr) NEW

Tenions rise as Lexi's parents visit the Fosters' home for dinner and Stef's father drops by. Meanwhile, Callie attends a therapy group for foster children and Brandon prepares for an important piano audition.

10:00pm: Push Girls, Sundance (30 mins) NEW

Tiphany introduces Liz to her sister. Elsewhere, Mia's mother and aunt accompany her for an important medical test and Chelsie believes there is tension between herself and Raymond.

10:00pm: Mistresses, ABC (1 hr) NEW

Jess' work life becomes a challenge as Oliver makes things difficult for her. Elsewhere, Savi attempts to clear the air with Harry, Karen's office is broken into and April and Richard's relationship gets intense.

10:00pm: Under the Dome, CBS (1 hr) NEW

Junior tries to escape the dome via underground tunnel and Big Jim gathers recruits to join the manhunt for a former deputy gone rogue.

10:00pm: Teen Wolf, MTV (1 hr) NEW

The group experience strange happenings when they're trapped at a hotel, convincing them that their friends are the killer's new targets.

10:00pm: Warehouse 13, Syfy (1 hr) NEW

Steve finds out that Artie has been keeping crucial life-changing information a secret from the rest of the group as they hunt for Paracelsus before he can gain immortality.