What is Mark Regnerus' new international video project?

Mark Regnerus, who is now infamous in American political circles for his flawed, widely repudiated, far-right-concoted "study" that was designed to slight same-sex parents in order to influence the 2012 elections and the Supreme Court, but that has ultimately backfired on the movement that designed it.  But now it seems that Mr. Regnerus might have international aspirations.

In a 9/17/14 Catholic radio appearance, right in the middle of a lengthy discussion on marriage equality, Regnerus revealed that he was just in a number of other nations filming some sort of video series that is presumably on the same subject:

SOURCE: Relevant Radio, 9/17/14

All of the nations that Regnerus mentioned have some sort of marriage equality or LGBT rights debate going on. In Mexico, recent court developments have allowed marriage equality in some areas but not others.  France has been a bit of a ground zero for American activists, with Regnerus' allies at the National Organization For Marriage working very closely with Parisian activists in the go-nowhere hope of overturning equality. In Lebanon, a landmark court ruling recently determined that same-sex relations are not a crime.  And then in Nigeria, you have a similar situation as Uganda, with local activists and courts literally debating whether or not LGBT people should have to spend lifetimes in prison or face the death penalty.

I guess it could be coincidence that these nations, which have all been in the news over the past two years precisely for their LGBT rights/marriage debates, just so happen to be the locales where a man best known for his anti-equality activism did his filming.  But considering he mentioned them as part of his broader discussion about LGBT rights, I think it's a pretty safe bet that whatever he was filming, and for whomever he was filming it, involves international advocacy against LGBT equality which, as as many of us who pay attention to these things keep noting, seems to be the new focus for American activists who are dismayed by their fortunes here at home.

Perhaps Regnerus is helping NOM launch its long-percolating International Organization For Marriage? It's worth asking the question.