Well said, an articulation of our collective work for human rights

The following letter came to our offices from peers in Uruguay, but it could just as easily come from organizations and individuals in other countries and in many states in the United States.

The following is sent in the name of the Association of LGBT and Same-Sex Parent Families of Uruguay, to introduce you and your government to our organization, the first and only one of its kind here to advocate for the rights of all FAMILIES although it also includes people who are single and do not have children.

You should note that our organization is truly diverse and inclusive, because our members, including our Board Members, are made up of straight and gay members who hope that one day in the not too distant future, that we will be able to "take away our labels" and just say that we are an organization of people irrespective of our sexual orientations or gender identities.  But we have a great struggle ahead of us.  Yes, Uruguay has laws, but the public does not have a deep knowledge of these laws and neither has there been a true effort to educate students about diverse families in schools, nor have there been anti-discrimination campaigns, anti-homophobia campaigns or anti-bullying workshops done.  We lack books, media presence-in fact there is little or nothing on this topic in the press or on tv; we need to raise awareness, we need to take care of our LGBT elders, etc. 

The current marriage equality proposition that recently became law is not the end of our struggle, it's the beginning.  We have to make sure all Uruguyans know and respect the rights that it affords us, rights which are only in keeping with the human rights expressed in our Constitution "we are all equal before the law."  Only when this principle is truly acknowledged by our society will we decrease the levels of discrimination and homophobia; make concrete a true policy of educating about diversity which I can tell you as an educator is solely lacking; have clear anti-bullying directives that protect children regardless of orientation or gender identity; wage effective campaigns to decrease the high incidences of intra-family violence due to differences in orientation; decrease the high suicide rates (Uruguay and Cuba currently top the global list) especially among our adolescents and seniors. 

Please note that we are not just a group that advocates for families but any LGBT person, because for many of the members of our association we are each other's family. 

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