#WeAreOrlando: Twitter users share their #QueerSelfLove

During this Pride Month, and following the tragic shooting in Orlando, it’s important to take time for some self-love. The #QueerSelfLove hashtag on Twitter allows LGBTQ people to share just what they love about their identity. Dylan Marron started the #QueerSelfLove hashtag and encouraged users to join in on the self-love. In an email to GLAAD, Marron stated, “In the wake of Orlando and in the context of a world that has taught us to hate our queerness, I wanted to create a little corner of the internet where people could scroll through queer folks loving themselves out loud, fully and unapologetically.”

As the hashtag started spreading, Twitter users self-identified their #QueerSelfLove in response to Marron’s tweet.

Soon, #QueerSelfLove was full of self-loving, queer people sharing and loving their selfies.

Thanks for being you, Twitter, and sharing your #QueerSelfLove.