WATCH: Transgender athlete Chloie Jonsson speaks to KTVU about lawsuit against CrossFit

In an interview with KTVU in California, 34-year-old transgender athlete Chloie Jonsson discusses her lawsuit against CrossFit after the company banned her from competing with other women:

Chloie Jonsson's athletic career began about 20 years ago after she broke her pelvis in an accident and was unable to walk for six months.

"After that, just being able to appreciate walking, I just started becoming more athletic," Jonsson told KTVU Monday.

These days, the 34-year-old Los Gatos physical trainer is muscular and fit, thanks in large part to the popular CrossFit program which includes a mixture of weightlifting, aerobics and gymnastics. 

"I love the style of training, just everyday it was different," Jonsson said. "Every day I felt like I was giving my all, pushing to the very, very end and then just wanting to do it again."

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