Watch these awesome stories from Fusion TV highlighting online transgender youth support

The Internet hasn't always been a safe space for young people, specifically young people in the LGBT community. Yet across the nation many people who identify as transgender are finding comfort on sites such as Tumblr and YouTube.

A segment on Alicia Mendez Tonight on Fusion show that these sites have allowed many of these young adults to document their transition, allowing them to have a platform in which they can speak about hormone therapy, dating, and other things from their day to day life.

The sites have become a support system. Support also given to them by their followers or subscribers.

As he was trying to figure out who he was and who was going to accept and love him as he began considering his transition from female to male, Nikolas Walker says that, "YouTube and the Internet was always something I could turn to."

This online community may create a false sense of security. Because while many have found it to be a safe haven, there is still the fear of being harassed by anonymous comments.

But it seems that these anonymous comments are in the minority. “Although people attack you, other people are standing up for you right behind them,” explains Aydian Dowling. More people will come in support of these young adults, and praising them for their bravery.

The National Transgender Discrimination most recent survey has found that 90% of respondents that identified as transgender or non-conforming have reported harassment and mistreatment in the workplace. The survey also points out that 55% of the respondents say they live with social anxiety. The number is drastically larger for people of color.

The point still stands that through the Internet, these young people have found a safe space and created peers who support them every step of the way. These videos and posts also offer catharsis, and memories in which they can look back and see how much they have grown in the process, both mentally and emotionally.