WATCH: SHE4ME rocks marriage equality with new music video PSA

Marriage Equality USA has released a public service announcement (PSA) in music video form, called SHE4MarriageEquality, or SHE4ME. Paired with the song "SHE," written and performed by Jen Foster, the video follows the lifelong love story of two young women, played by Gabrielle Christian and Nicole Pacent.

You may recognize one of the brides, Gabrielle, as Spencer from South of Nowhere—the former groundbreaking teen drama in which the lead characters were bisexual girls coming to terms with their identities and relationship. The show was nominated for two GLAAD Media Awards and Gabrielle was once a presenter.

SHE4ME features cameos from several additional actors who have also played memorable LGBT characters, and even shares with a director—Nicole Conn--with the LGBT cult classic films Claire of The Moon, little man, Elena Undone, and A Perfect Ending.

Andaz Hotels helped make SHE4ME possible, and the video was filmed at the lovely Andaz West Hollywood.

Watch the beautiful video below and download the song here. Don’t forget to tweet with #marriageequality and #loveislove to spread the video's message!