WATCH: New series 'The Hinterlands' tackles anti-LGBT bullying

Broadway's stars have collaborated on a series that address the hardships of LGBT youth, and the results are pretty amazing. Oh, and did I mention it's a musical?

The Hinterlands, created in response to the many young LGBT lives lost to suicide, is written by Michelle Elliot and Danny Larsen, the team behind Cloaked and The Yellow Wood (script and lyrics, and music and lyrics, respectively). It makes its big debut as a free web series on Monday, October 28. The following episodes will be released weekly.

The Hinterlands centers around a 16-year-old boy named Paul (played by Connor Russell from Disney's Aladdin) who gets bullied in his middle-of-nowhere town for his skinny build, for being excited about physics, and, not to mention, for being gay. The six-part musical follows Paul as he tries to navigate his LGBT identity, adolescence, discrimination, and his thoughts of suicide.

The website that hosts the free episodes will also contain free information and resources regarding bullying. The Hinterlands is designed to be both entertaining and a source of support for kids like Paul, and their parents and teachers.

And the entertainment is all but guaranteed, as the show features Broadway stars like Meet John Doe's David Anderson; A Christmas Story, Curtains, and Spamelot's John Bolton, A Christmas Story's Zoe Considine, Erin Dilly from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and  Nice Work If You Can Get It; Caitlin Kinnunen from The Bridges of Madison County, Spring Awakening, and next to normal; David Quadrino on Newsies and Bye Bye Birdie; Andrew Brewer from the Off-Broadway Errant; Brianne Wylie; and more. Students from the Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan will also appear in the series. Brandon Ivie of A Christmas Story and First Date directed the new series.

It's not too late to RSVP to next week's launch party, but the clock is ticking. By October 25, visit to get your name on the list (and you do need to be on the list) for a showing of the first episode, a chance to meet the show's creative team, words from special guest speaker James Clementi of The Tyler Clementi Foundation, live performances by Connor Russell and Katie Thompson, hors d'eouvres, and non-alcoholic drinks.